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Driver Violation Monitoring isn’t just good public policy, its good for public safety. With Explore’s data solutions, insurers can align risk with behavior. When the link between risk and behavior is visible to policyholders, compelling public safety benefits can be achieved. Explore’s EARS® driver monitoring and RiskAlert® youthful driver discovery solutions demonstrate the power of this link.

In a three state study conducted with data from over 16 million drivers, Explore found that non-monitored drivers were more than twice as likely to receive major traffic violations such as driving at excessive speed, DUI, or reckless driving, compared to EARS® monitored drivers. And it doesn’t stop there. Among drivers receiving violations, EARS® monitored drivers were also less likely to be repeat offenders. The same study revealed that non-monitored drivers were 87% more likely than EARS® monitored drivers to receive another violation in the next 12 months.

Explore’s RiskAlert® Youthful Driver Discovery solution promotes safer driving behavior that benefits all citizens. Traffic Accidents are the leading cause of death for teenagers in America. Mile for mile, teenagers are involved in three times as many fatal accidents as all other drivers. Explore’s four state study involving 2.5 million youthful drivers found that those not a part of Explore’s RiskAlert® and subsequent monitoring programs were 86% more like likely to have a major violation than those monitored by Explore, demonstrating that once youthful drivers are ‘discovered’ and listed on insurance policies, they commit fewer major driving violations than their unlisted, unmonitored peers.

Learn more about how Driver Monitoring benefits public safety and reduces the potential for repeat activity within an insurance carriers book of business by contacting Explore today.

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