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FireSafe® – Fire Protection Information
For property insurance carriers frustrated by the number of – and manual handling required to manage misclassified and split-classified properties in your Homeowners book, FireSafe® is an automated service providing fire station protection information allowing you to more accurately and efficiently underwrite and rate properties.

FireSafe RiskScore® – Fire Peril Rating Model
Carriers looking to enhance your homeowners rating plan can do so using FireSafe® RiskScore. This service provides modeled fire peril rating scores using detailed fire station, water and drive distance information. FireSafe® RiskScore allows you to further increase risk segmentation and improve pricing flexibility.

FireSafe® DataElements – Fire Peril Rating Elements
Explore’s FireSafe® DataElements service is uniquely designed for carriers developing your own advanced by-peril rating models. This enhanced data set offers detailed fire station suppression data enabling you to maximize risk segmentation by providing the data necessary to build a carrier-specific fire peril model.

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