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While Explore has traditionally been known for an ability to deliver cost effective data solutions for P&C Auto Insurance, you may not be aware of our rating and underwriting solutions for homeowners insurance. Over the past several years, Explore has combined geospatial and analytical expertise with vast amounts of data for the purpose of providing timely, accurate, "property specific" risk information.

FireSafe® RiskScore™ is a fire peril risk assessment tool for rating and underwriting personal and commercial policies. It represents the next generation of automated solutions designed to accurately assign risk at a property specific level. More than 2 years in the making, Explore’s FireSafe RiskScore represents a dramatic improvement in the way that companies recognize and rate for fire protection.

"Learn more" about Explore’s FireSafe RiskScore and our other Homeowners information solutions. Find out what many of the Top 20 carriers already know – Explore has the expertise to help you leverage technology to reduce cost and create a competitive advantage.

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